•  Secure fit with optimally constructed SLR adaptors
•  Easy mount directly on the optical axis
•  Preserves the zero contacts with joint unit cameras
•  Bayonet mount ensures that sensors are exactly parallel
•  No further adjustments and leveling of the DSLR necessary
•  Change from landscape to portrait format with a turn of the    hand

•  Wide range of applicable lenses: middle-format (from 40mm),
   enlargement and digital lenses (from 80mm), and large-format    from 100mm focal length

•  Lens adaptors for Mamiya RZ, Hasselblad V and M39 (Lab.)
•  Generous range of adjustment with rear and front standard

•  Optimal image control and comfort via DSLR live view
 Ideal for beginners thanks to live view and vertical viewfinder
•  Advice and service from enthusiastic and experienced    photographers and design engineers

Made in Germany

A view camera is a view camera: it remains unsurpassed for photographing products in the studio and can’t be replaced by solutions involving reduced functionality. Its range of adjustment provides optimal creative freedom.

The combination with current DSLRs and their genuine live view function offers a highly effective and dynamic way of working.

just together is a specialized and experienced manufacturer that allows you to realize these advantages with carefully constructed adaptors for DSLRs and lens across a range of brands.

Our principle of adaptation using a lens plate offers important advantages, such as precise mounting on the optical axis without lengthy screwing in or adjusting.

Dynamic advantages and security