Testimonial (thanks again!)

„Developed for professionals  by professionals, just together combines the best of three worlds! - Klaus Lipa, Didorf   (Adapter: Nikon D3x / Hasselblad V) www.lipa-fotografiert.de


"just together" is a complete understatement - "perfect together" would surely be more appropriate. It's an outstanding piece of precision work. Many thanks!" - Hartwig Zögl, Stadt Haag, Österreich (Adapter: EOS 1 DS Mark III / Adapter for M39-lenses / Mamiya RZ / M50-board for Apo-Rodagon 150mm) www.zoegl.at


„A quality, which costs a lot of money in other systems. From my existing DSLR to a view camera – this decision defintely was worthwile.” - Oliver Mannweiler, Kaiserslautern   (Adapter: EOS 1 DS Mark II / Mamiya RZ / Digitar Copal 0 / Digitar 28) www.insite-design.de


„Your adapter for my Sinar P2 and EOS 1DS Mark III proved to be very worthwhile. Real view-camera-photography, especially with live-view very precise handling, makes MF-Digital-Backs almost superfluous.” - Tom  Krichel, Bilderfinder Krichel & Gaedtke GbR, Hannover  (Adapter: EOS 1 DS Mark III) www.bilderfinder.de


„Finally view-camera-photography is economical again, without expensive MF-Backs. My students and workshop participants enthuse repeatedly about how well and simply the system can be used. And we all still have a suitcase with a Sinar – don’t we?”- Heiko Adrian, photographer and teacher at the Photoakademie Urbschat, Berlin (Adapter: EOS 40D / Mamiya RZ) www.heikoadrian.de


"The Just Together system is a well made and  robust interface that gives me the freedom to combine large format movements with digital capture." - Craig Dillon, Vienna, Austria (Adapter: EOS 1 DS Mark III) www.weinper.at


"The just-together adapters are an ingenious interface for our "analog Sinar cameras" and DSLRs (e.g. Canon EOS 5D). For a school digital backs are really expensive and therefore we only use two of them. With the just-together adapters we can offer some more workstations to our students." - Rainer H. Schwesig, Lette-Verein-Berlin (Adapter: EOS 5D, EOS 40D) www.lette-verein.de


„Professional as 4x5“, but just digital. Hasselblad 120mm Macro-Planar and EOS 1DS (Full Frame). Brilliant and sharp stills down to the smallest detail. Scheimpflug possible up to 15 degrees.” - Harald Hirsch,  Hüttlingen (Adapter: EOS 1 DS Mark II / Hasselblad V) www.studiohirsch-h.de


„This way it’s even more fun to work with the D3.” - Oli Keinath, Die Hoffotografen, Berlin (Adapter: Nikon D2x / D3) www.hoffotografen.de


„Now, after changing to digital photography with our Sinar and the just-together-adapters, we are absolutely enthusiastic. It has helped us to save a lot of money. The system, in combination with our analog large-format- and medium-format lenses, is functional and just great. Tilts of both standards, the flexibility of the just together adapters is really good.” - Uwe Bender, Hamburg (Adapter: EOS 1 DS Mark III / Mamiya RZ) www.Uwe-Bender.de


"What's a used Sinar P worth at resale?  Not much. What's the same camera worth with the "just together" Canon adaptor?  A great deal!  I take pictures in my studio with the EOS 1Ds Mark II and the EOS 5 D Mark II. I continually get jobs that can't be done without Shift and Tilt. And that's just where the Sinar's precision and the "just together" back centred at the top help. I had thought about building a plate myself with an adaptor ring and so on, but it's impossible to get the precision of "just together". And the great thing is that I can use my old telephoto lenses, which gives me outstanding sharpness. "just together" is worth the price." - Gerd Nolte, Fröndenberg (Adapter: EOS 1 DS Mark II / M50-Platte für 150mm Apo-Rodagon)


„This concept is as simple as it is ingenious, because the “ingredients” mostly already exist. Just-Together just brings them together. Very precisely made adapters for different view cameras and the common medium-format lenses.” - Matthias Wenger, Frankfurt  (Adapter: EOS 40D / Mamiya RZ)


„Perfect system with Sinar P2, macro lens, Canon 5D or 1 DS Mark III.” - Werner Wulf, Foto Wulf, Moormerland (Adapter: EOS 1DS Mark III / Hasselblad V)


„The adapter works perfectly – fantastic service/advice and very best workmanship.” - Michael Hudler, Darmstadt  (Adapter: Mamiya RZ)